OUTSIDE: Adv. “Not within the boundaries or confines of a place”

Let’s start with the 10 miles of beach we have here at Huntington Beach, add a 6:30am sunrise, movement with the ocean just footsteps away and a TEAM standing alongside you.

There are so many advantages to movement outside. Let’s name a few:

Studies have shown that working out outdoors reduces stress that one might feel in an indoor space (Barton and Pretty, 2010).
Movement in sunlight and the exposure to vitamin D creates a positive outlook, a feeling of connection and being grounded (Ker et al., 2015).
Lastly, the variety of what can be done outside is almost endless.

Here at INSAND we believe in getting people together and getting them moving.
We believe in pushing past our current boundaries.
In other words, we believe in constantly going outside of our current limits to create new ones.

Our bodies are capable. Our minds are capable. What if we began to discover everything we are capable of by committing to going outside of our current capabilities.

Sand is the surface that will support your body on that journey, and team is the environment that will support your mind on that journey.

Add in Vitamin D, the breeze of the Pacific Ocean and your journey towards new limits just got real.

Whatever you decide to do outside, remember it starts with one step.

Fern Yoon
INSAND Functional Fitness Coach