We believe every individual has a max potential inside of them. Unfortunately, very few ever realize that potential.

INSAND exists to help people reach their personal best in mind, body and spirit.


This 60 minute INSAND training is all about getting people moving together through sand fitness and high intensity interval volleyball training in a motivating team environment. When you work out in sand you burn more calories, increase resistance and build your stabilization muscles all while having low impact on your joints.

What you can expect in every 60 minute class is to gain over 5,000 steps, burn 2x the calories, get over 100 reps of volleyball drills and functional movement and enough encouragement to last you the rest of the week!

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In this 60 minute VolleySKILLS training, you get to opt in as an individual into a team training environment:

  • Take your athleticism to the next level
  • Master the craft of volleyball movements
  • Receive expert coaching and feedback
  • All in a high support, high challenge environment
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A 45 minute functional fitness workout in sand. A great starting place for those looking to get back in shape. SANDLegs will help develop cardiovascular endurance, strength and balance. The resistance of the sand makes the movements more challenging, however the joints, ligaments and tendons are spared the harsh impact incurred when training on harder surfaces.

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Sand legs INSAND class
Volley Move INSAND Class


A 60 minute beginner volleyball training session that focuses on all of the core movements necessary to excel in beach volleyball. Created by 4x Olympian and Gold Medalist Reid Priddy, VolleyMOVE is designed to not only teach you the core fundamental skills of beach volleyball, but also how to efficiently and powerfully move through the sand so that those new skills can be rightly applied. Great for both beginners learning to expedite their learning experiences as well as pros looking to optimize their 'first-step' speed.

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A 45 minute gentle flow on the sand designed for any experience level to boost energy and awaken your mind. Recovery is a key component in every athlete's journey. We encourage everyone to add this to their weekly routine. *Please bring your own yoga mat and towel.

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INSAND Yoga Classes


A 60 minute class full of movements and exercises that require the entire body to work as one unit. Our programming is designed to increase your child's overall athleticism. We focus on improving each child's balance, strength and coordination in a safe and fun way.

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A 60 minute total body workout, professionally designed and modified to fit your starting level, goals and needs. Located at 21554 Newland Street in Huntington Beach. Our 1200 square foot facility has all the professional equipment you need to add strength training to your weekly routine and see gains exponentially stack up. Two spots are available every thirty minutes making it safe and ideal for you and a teammate to workout.

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A 60 minute Vinyasa style yoga class that is suitable for beginner and intermediate students. Designed to connect body and breath while increasing stability and flexibility making it a perfect choice for active recovery. We encourage everyone to add this to their weekly routine. *Please bring your own yoga mat and towel.

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Private and Semi-Private

We do offer private and semi-private lessons. Please reach out to us directly to schedule your session today!

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