Who we are.

Hey, I’m Reid Priddy, 4x Olympian, Gold & Bronze Medalist in Indoor Volleyball. I played on Team USA for 16 years on a hard court, which was a lot of wear and tear on my body. My joints were killing me, and I was on 1800mg of Ibuprofen a day for the last few years of my indoor playing career.

I retired from indoor in 2016 and hit the beach volleyball tour. I couldn’t believe the difference the sand made. I quickly got off ibuprofen completely, and I had no joint pain, just muscle burn. My time lifting in the gym decreased but I gained five pounds of lean muscle mass. Training on sand was magic! I knew this would be a better surface to workout on for everyone, so I got to work and created INSAND.

I missed Team USA, so I knew my workout had to have team at the heartbeat of it all. INSAND is a high intensity workout that incorporates dynamic sport-based movements along with functional strength training all in a fun team environment. It’s challenging, high calorie burning, and will keep you feeling young while moving in sand.

Our community is comprised of a people with a diverse range of ages and athletic abilities. Wherever you are in your movement journey, this workout is for you. We know no one can train hard all the time, so we incorporated other classes to meet all your needs. We currently offer an array of classes, balanced out with yoga and customize designed workouts at our brick and mortar location, just minutes away from the sand we train on in Huntington Beach.

We move in sand six days a week, check out our schedule and come join our team!



Our Team


Herb Umphreyville
Director of Functional Training

I'm very passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals and it's the challenge that everyone is unique in their individual journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Having the opportunity to genuinely help and coach people by providing direction, encouragement, inspiration, support and a curated plan to achieve their fitness goals is extremely rewarding. I feel very honored to have been a part of helping positively change so many people's lives over the years.

30 years of Fitness Industry Experience

Certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Certified Functional Fitness Specialist for Athletes (NPA), Certified Integrated Flexibility Specialist (NASM), Certified Golf Fitness Specialist (NASM), Certified Senior Fitness Specialist (NASM), Certified Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS Egoscue), Certified CPR & AED (American Heart Association)

Fern Yoon

Fern Yoon
Functional Training Coach

I am compelled to inspire people to feel what connects them to others so that life's adventures are never done alone. Building personal connections with those I coach is fulfilling. What is more fulfilling is creating an atmosphere where they can connect with each other and build lasting relationships.

Certified Functional Fitness Movement Coach

CrossFit Level 2 Certified

Precision Nutrition Coach


Taylor Richards
Volleyball Coach

The biggest thing that drives me is the chance to see a transformation happen and the joy that comes from it. As a player, it was my favorite thing to understand a new concept, see the benefit of it, then drive it home until I became good at it. Seeing those moments in the people I coach is the reason I do it because I know how awesome that feeling is (of improving) and it is what drove me every day to improve (and still does) in my own career.

Played collegiate volleyball at BYU. 9 years coaching volleyball. 12 years training and competing in volleyball. Strong family background of volleyball (Dad and Sister played on the National Team, Brother in law is one of today’s top coaches)

Meghan Locklair

Meghan Locklair
Culture and Team

My why is based on the belief that no mission should ever be done alone. That’s why I am compelled to build up healthier leaders that lead healthy teams, so that no mission is ever done alone. For INSAND, if I can build up a culture within our staff that spreads into the culture of members working as a team, that is the goal!

8 years of leadership and culture training experience. After developing and launching a leadership program for college and pro volleyball players while working with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Meghan began consulting with leaders and teams on how to build healthy cultures.


Rose Schultz
Member Communications

I’m inspired to remind people of their vital significance so that they have the courage to step into everyday opportunities of purpose. Purposeful living requires physical and mental health! INSAND provides the framework for people to connect with others, be challenged and encouraged, and move in a healthy way— leading to better physical and mental health.

Strong background in Human Development.

Two Years Organizing and Training Non Profit Volunteers at Orange County Rescue Mission before joining the INSAND Team.